The first infotainment function of the 4G cloud service has been launched in Uzbekistan

Since entering the Uzbekistan market on March 16 this year, BYD has been committed to improving the user experience for Uzbek customers. After six months of development, BYD has officially launched its vehicle infotainment system in Uzbek, becoming the historical first in the global automotive industry to support the Uzbek language.

This system not only provides voice reminders in Uzbek, such as seat belt and door warnings, but also provides extensive functionality with Uzbek language displays on the dashboard, infotainment system and cloud service application. Additionally, it is worth noting that the CHAZOR, SONG Plus and HAN models released by BYD will receive simultaneous updates. This breakthrough sets a precedent for the automotive industry of Uzbekistan through the introduction of infotainment system in Uzbek language, which makes a significant contribution to the development and popularization of the Uzbek language, especially in the automotive sector.