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Brand philosophy

Founded in February 1995, BYD is a high-tech company committed to using technological innovation to improve lives. After more than 27 years of rapid growth, BYD has established more than 30 industrial parks on 6 continents and has played a significant role in the electronics, automobile, renewable energy and railway industries. With a focus on energy generation, storage and application, BYD provides comprehensive new energy solutions with zero emissions.

Cool the Earth by 1°C

BYD is working to electrify urban public transport to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions with a vision to “Cool the Earth by 1°C.” Pollution and emissions reduction. As of April 19, 2022, BYD has saved 10,756,330,036 kg of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to planting about 896,360,836 trees.


The car has shorter overhangs and a longer wheelbase, which significantly increases space for passengers. The lower body and longer wheelbase extend the car's aerodynamic design, reducing the drag coefficient to 0.21Cd.

Semiconductor chip

The semiconductor chip, the "CPU" of new energy vehicles, is the core technology of the entire industry. BYD DiLink intelligent network connection system. Smartphone functions are integrated into the on-board platform. Numerous complex tests to ensure the highest quality

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